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Our Mission

To promote the social, environmental and economic development of Greater Riverdale.

CKAR Board Members

Transforming Our Community

  • Better Lives

  • Better Communities

  • Better Businesses

East Riverdale/Beacon Heights Steering Advisory Committee

What We Do

  • Workforce and career development through the greater Riverdale Career Empowerment Center.

  • Environmental sustainability through various projects such as Tree Canopy and Edmonston Road Rain Garden Projects that are vehicles enabling us to improve stormwater management, enhance greening and appearance of properties in our community.

  • Clothing, food and other needs of local community families.

  • Business and economic development.

  • Providing equitable community development.

  • Supporting the health and wellness of the community.

About Greater Riverdale Maryland

Greater Riverdale consists of residents in District 3 within Prince George’s County, Maryland. They are:

  • The Town of Riverdale Park

  • The unincorporated communities of East Riverdale

    • Crestwood Community

    • Madison Hill Homeowners Association

    • Riverdale Heights

    • Riverdale Hills

    • Templeton Knolls

    • Eastpines

  • Beacon Heights

  • Roswil

  • Landover Hills

  • Woodlawn

  • West Lanham Hills

  • Hanson Oaks

  • Diverse community of 36,510 residents

  • Refugees and immigrants speaking over 100 languages

  • Seniors make up 10% of population about 3,651

  • Re-entering citizens and homeless

  • Low income families and individuals with 16.2% below the poverty level

  • Median income of $66,842

  • 27% of our population are without a high school diploma or GED

  • More than 17% are uninsured

  • 5.7% are unemployed

About Our Board Members

  • Dennis R. Nola, President, PLA, RLA

  • Alice M. Bishop, Vice-President

  • John Arrington, 2nd Vice-President

  • Sharon W. Wertz, Secretary

  • Thomas L. Wertz, Jr., Treasurer

  • Gloria Aparicio Blackwell, At-Large Advisory Member

  • Patricia Hayes-Parker, Executive Director

  • Honorable David J. Lingua, Vice- Mayor, Town of Riverdale Park Member

  • Lisa Butler McDougal, At-Large Member

  • Sister Carmen Soto, At-Large Member

  • Melvin L. Allen Jr., Esq, At-Large Member

Our board members are committed volunteers that demonstrate an understanding of the community in which we live and serve. The board has approved effective management policies that are actively monitored by executive staff to effectively and efficiently fulfill its mission.

About CKAR’s Local Businesses

Local Businesses Within the Greater Riverdale Corridor

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Contact Information

Send us a message to request more information about our various programs and services.

  • (240) 608-CKAR
  • 240-770-4938 (fax)
  • 6801 Kenilworth Avenue, Suite 203
    Riverdale Park, Maryland 20737