CKAR CDC is Planting Trees!

Tree Canopy Project

Trees are so important for our neighborhoods – and not just in our parks – that we have joined forces with the Prince George’s County Department of Environment and the Chesapeake Bay Trust to plant healthy large native trees in areas of the county where they are needed most.

In the neighborhoods where we work many of the best places to plant trees and grow our tree canopy are around homes. If your home is in an area where we plant, and you have the space for a tree, we will professionally plant it for FREE. In return, you pledge to water and mulch the tree for at least a year and give us permission to occasionally visit and photograph the tree. Apply here.

Property owners may apply for one, two or even three trees. All of the trees we plant are native to this area. That means they are best suited to local conditions and will provide the most benefits. We will work with you to select the right tree for the space and for how you use the area.

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Where are we planting?

In 2018 we will plant 300 trees in Riverdale Park, Riverdale, Eastpines, Templeton Knolls, Beacon Heights, the Port Towns of Bladensburg, Colmar Manor, Brentwood, North Brentwood, and Edmonston, and in Cheverly, Woodlawn, and Lanham, and we’ll explore planting in Langley Park.

To identify planting sites we are partnering with the local governments, homeowner associations, and other organizations in these communities. While our focus is on planting trees at private residences, as many as 60 trees could be planted in community projects recommended by you. Let us know of places in these areas that would benefit from a community planting of 8 – 15 trees. We expect to plant two or three of these projects this spring and two more in the fall.

When will we plant?

Our spring planting may begin soon after Valentine’s Day and continue through May. Our fall planting season will begin in September. Before planting we will consult with you about the species and location, call Miss Utility to identify where we cannot plant, then mark the location for our planting crew.

What kind of trees are available?

Last year we planted oaks, maples, American elm, hop hornbeam, river birch, redbud, sweetbay magnolia, bald cypress, yellowwood, and others. We expect many of these to be available in 2018, but it’s too early to confirm the selections. We will have large, medium, and small canopy trees available. Our goal is to plant the largest growing tree appropriate for a site.

Why trees?

Trees provide multiple benefits to people and to communities. Trees beautify our homes and neighborhoods. Did you know…?

  • Tree leaves are powerful air filters. They remove pollutants from the air that cause childhood asthma.
  • Trees are very important in our area to keep polluted runoff from the streams where many people fish, like the Anacostia River.
  • Trees reduce flooding by helping rainwater filter into to the ground.
  • The cooling shade of trees reduces costs for air conditioning, and keeps us cool as we walk to bus stops, church, school, or for groceries.

A healthy tree canopy is a goal for Prince George’s County and CKAR CDC. In the spring of 2017 we planted 123 trees at 35 residences, two apartment complexes, the Eastpines Community Recreation Center, one business, and in one watershed restoration project. Join our effort to bring healthy trees to every yard in our communities.

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